Passions Are Important

I’m not talking passions of the body, I mean passions of the soul. Why are we always bashing and avoiding things we dislike instead of promoting and searching for those things we truly love? It’s common to point out flaws and dullness, what’s impressive is a person who can share and explore goodness.

I got to thinking today…What are we doing to ourselves? Why are we waiting to be the people we want to be? Why do we (*sometimes unnecessarily) save the best for last? I don’t know how to explain this really, but… let’s say I have five pens on my desk. Out of the five I only really love one of them…but I make myself use up the others before I allow myself to use the one I love. Would you do that? Sometimes I do that with chapstick… Is this getting weird? I promise I have a point. Do we do this with our passions?


Maybe it’s just me but I find myself creating too many pointless rules and restrictions on myself. Am I keeping myself from what makes me feel good? This is a basic example, but sometimes I wonder.. why do I wear ANYTHING I don’t find beautiful? (okay I know things like money, location, weather, activities, and laziness all play a role here) but WHY do I let myself do this? Why don’t I wear my favorite clothes TODAY? What am I waiting for? What are any of us waiting for, really? Do we delay compliments? Do we always wait for the movie version of the book? I don’t know… Why do we let the time pass while we fill our time with mundane and unnecessary things when we could be following our passions and joys instead?? Well… it’s easier probably. But if we wait, that just shows our passions lack importance and urgency. And if our passions don’t feel important or urgent…are they really passions?


I’ m not trying to sound high maintenance here, but if we are a little more selective…whether it be friends, clothes, hobbies, or whatever it is…maybe our lives would be simpler and richer. Maybe we’d have less, but everything would just be more quality. That’s what I want at least. Like, I don’t want 75 items from the D.I. if I could choose 50 from J.Crew. I don’t want 6 hours of free time spent on something mediocre, I want 6 hours of free time doing something I LOVE.  I don’t want a million sorta-friends. I want 10 genuine friends who I can have meaningful relationships with.

Why are we waiting to fulfill our noble passions? Today is a special occasion!



One thought on “Passions Are Important

  1. This inspired me. Sincerely. This may be the way if thinking that will create the paradigm shift I’ve needed in my life. Thank you for the inspiration and uplifting thoughts!

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